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Tim Tebow Haircut Got Buzz

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2016-08-09 11:40:24
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Tim Tebow Haircut Got Buzz

Tim Tebow Haircut revealed that his head was completely sheared while a ring of hair was left to give him look of a monk.the haircut he received via the Denver Bronco veterans was not one that most people would be willing to go far.Tim Tebow Haircut got the entire buzz on Saturday night at Denver Broncos’ practice

 Some have said that Tebow’s haircut can be compared to the Robin Hood Friar cut, leaving the middle of the head shaved in a circle with only hair around the outside. Eric Olsen of the Broncos also received the cut, and his was even worse than Tebow’s, but Tebow still managed to receive most of the press.

Tim Tebow said that Wesley Woodyard was his barber who vented some college frustrations with the razor while giving him a haircut.Tim Tebow added that to go there and play in the stadium for the first time was really exciting for him and to be able to have a drive and try to run the offense was really fun.