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Laynn Finds Out About John France 2nd Wedding

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2016-08-05 12:19:59
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Laynn Finds Out About John France 2nd Wedding

The story of John France 2nd Wedding has hit the web today.It seems that Lynn France has find out about her husband(John France) second wedding from Facebook.In January 2009, Lynn France wrote a name in the search box on the Facebook social network: the woman he suspected was the lover of her husband.It turns out that Lynn France discovered a year ago via Facebook that his husband was also husband to another woman in Tampa.

Today the “Today” show had more information on the case, with the appearance of John France and his attorney. On TV he claimed that his wedding with Lynn wasn’t legal and she knew it. They got married in Amalfi coast in Italy, signing an Italian marriage license they never filed, in an event organized by Regency San Marino.

Now John France is living in Tampa with his new wife and even his two children he has with Lynn. “Now, that’s the only way I see my children. It’s just surreal.” Said her during a phone interview.

But John France also thought that he was legally married.  His attorney explained that in 2007 he wanted to file for divorce, but upon reviewing all the papers and necessary documents, they found out this wasn’t necessary.

John France is currently in custody of their two kids, ages 2 and 3, but his lawyer said he has offered to have joint custody.  Lynn’s attorney responded by saying: “It’s going to be hard to co-parent with a man who makes these outlandish statements,”