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Inception Movie Review

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-08-04 03:05:06
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Paris Hilton Carries Cocaine In Her Purse

Inception is probably one of the best films - in terms of special-effects, acting and ingenious plot - for years.

With layer upon layer of complexity, a recent screening for critics had the audience groaning collectively as the credits began to roll.They thought they had worked out the ending... only to wonder if they really had.Nolan is unquestionably onto a winner at the box office as people will want to go several times to try and work it all out again - piecing together things they might have missed first time around.Based in a future not too dissimilar from our own world, humans have created the technology to enter each other's dreams.

Concentrate: DiCaprio plays a criminal adept at stealing business secrets from people's sub-conscious via their dreams.While many enjoy shared dreams simply for the fantasy ride, they are also invaluable for the criminally-minded. Leo plays Dom Cobb, a thief skilled in the art of 'extraction' - where you can steal business secrets stored in a person's subconscious by entering their dreams.