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New iPhone 4 Free Jailbreak Software Download Available

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-31 05:44:30
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A great news coming up for all of us that Jailbreaking tool for iPhone4, iPhone 4G, iOS4, iOS 4.0.1 is about to announce and will be announced soon, now after spotting light on this tool, we realize that what we can do with the help of this tool. After using this tool iPhone users will have complete access on their iPhone they can unlock their iPhone by using it and more than that they can use the customize option of it. The tool is not only for the latest one but also for 3Gs, 3G not matter they running 3.1.3 or earlier. The rumor also spreading like wildfire that Geohot made an announcement in which he said we are not going to release any jailbreaking tools.

As everybody knows about George Hotz also known, as Geohot is a famous iPhone hacker officially he is going to launch iPhone Jailbreaking tool for users and working on it. He is not new in this business he has also composed Jailbreaking tool, which he named “Blackra1n” for some older version of iPhone. Now as I said he is working on the lates one which he named “limera1n”, but the name is still not confirmed.

So I think the “Blackra1n” is going to be a huge hit, because user can be able to unlock their phone by this tool and customization will definitely provide users some ease so we are curiously waiting for the release. Video tutorial will also be provided for downloading this tool.