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Justin Bieber Rumors 2016

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-29 15:32:42
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Poor Bieber is caught in the line of fire of the wretched rumors again ! The poor kid doesn’t even do the stuff he keeps getting framed for . The recent one of them was he hates Korea . Now that’s definitively fake , he does not hate Korea .

The problem surfaced when he arranged a voting thing on Twitter which was supposed to decide where he has to go for the world tour . Some group kept voting North Korea and that was the winner .

Now any sane person would know not to risk their lives at this time , so Bieber decided not to go , but saying he hates Korea is a very wrong thing . He’s just a kid and people keep insulting him and accusing him of weird and wrong things . First of having Syphilis , and now this ? When will these rumor-creators learn ?