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Splinter Cell Conviction Full Review

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-27 18:52:36
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The Good :

  • Deeply immersing story
  • Executions are AWESOME !!!
  • Gameplay has been shaped to perfection
  • Controls are extremely smooth and responsive
  • Camera works perfectly
  • Excellent replay value

The Bad :

  • It ends too soon

Review :

Tom Clancy games have been conquering the action/thriller genre for about a decade now . Splinter Cell is synonymous to Tom Clancy . The best series in my opinion . After the last installment , Splinter Cell : Double Agent , i’ve been eagerly waiting for this highly-anticipated sequel .

The game is set after three years of Sarah Fisher’s death . Sam , tired of how his life was going , had left his work to start off a new life . But it seems he couldn’t run away from it and he’s soon reunited with Grim who tells him his daughter might not be dead after all .

This time around , Sam won’t be found wearing his suit , since he has left the agency , but he does get to equip those goggles in the middle of the game . His arsenal is almost the same as previous installments , as the game progresses he can use new and unusual things , one of which is the portable EMP , a device that switches off the lights for a while , pretty useful indeed .

The plot is strong , it’s exactly what one would expect from Tom Clancy . It has a lot of moments where you’d go like “NO !! SERIOUSLY ??!” . It slowly unfolds around you , revealing more and more secrets along the way .

The gameplay is solid , it is very inviting . The combat system is fairly simple to learn . The shoot-to-kill mechanics are fairly similar to previous titles . Sneaking around in shadows to kill off guards one by one is highly rewarding .

The newest and most exciting feature this time around is the Interrogation . From time to time you’ll get the objective to interrogate someone , you get to grab your opponent and hit him against every possible object around you to find answers . You’d want to do it again and again just to see what Sam does with different objects , every object has a different move .

This time around the screen gets black and white when you’re hidden . Another new feature is the “Mark-and-Execute” feature , here you get to point out two to three enemies and kill them in one go . In order to attain mark-and-execute you need to stealth-kill at least one enemy first