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Xbox Tops Console Releasing This June

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-26 10:57:32
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Finally something to make an Xbox fanboy shove it up the PS3 fanatics’ faces ! The Xbox360 unveiled its latest (And glossy) form at E3 2016 . The new design is all black , a bit smaller , carries built-in wi-fi , a whopping 250 GB hard disk , 5 USB ports , and is Kinect-ready . The device is also silent and makes little or no noise . The new console also sports touch sensitive buttons now , rather than the push buttons in the previous versions . It was deemed Xbox360 Slim but that’s not what the company calls it , it’s basically just a redesign of the old console and comes with a $299 price tag .

Xbox360 beat the PS3 and Wii in console sales for June , topping the charts and becoming the most sold unit of June . With the much anticipated Kinect on the way , it is for certain that the Xbox360 market is going to go nowhere but UP in the future ! I’ll be the first in line to get my hands on that nifty Kinect ! This just makes my heart happy TAKE THAT YOU PS3 OWNERS !!Here are the reports for June :

FIRST PLACE : Xbox360 with over 451,700 units sold

SECOND PLACE : Wii with 422,000 units

THIRD PLACE : PS3 with 304,800 units