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AT&T iPhone 4 Unlimited Plan

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-26 10:54:41
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Recently AT&T just announced it will be launching the 4G first , changing some of it’s plans , one of which was to end the unlimited data plan and change it into a user-oriented plan . While AT&T has dibs of the device , Verizon is also in the race somewhere . Rumors are flying around that the Verizon iPhone 4G is likely to be released during the Christmas season , smart thinking , keeping in mind the sales that go up the sky during that season . Still let’s wait for the WWDC to find out exactly what to expect from this device .

Seems like it was only yesterday when we got our hands on the iPhone 3Gs , now the consumer market is creating the biggest hype it can for the 4G , the next big thing in Apple . People have stipulated the prices to go as far as a thousand bucks for the device . After Gizmodo reviewed the design , I’m pretty sure they brought some changes to it , to keep the feel of introducing something new to the table. The biggest hype about the latest iPhone is if it will truly be in HD like the rumors say or will it be a regular phone , same as it’s predecessors . Well there’s a strong chance of it being an HD phone , it will be the first in its kind , the key here is outselling the rival companies , and Google is working on it’s Nexus like there’s no tomorrow so Apple better step its game up !