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Haven Season 1 Episode 3 – “Harmony” Preview

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2016-07-24 11:14:10
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Haven Season 1 Episode 3 is the new episode of Haven, following the previous episode “Butterfly”. 

A doctor at a psychiatric facility inadvertently exposes himself to a drug that causes him to go temporarily insane, but cure seemingly cure three patients. Audrey and Nathan help recover the patients. When all of the afflicted revert to their original mental states, they realize that something more is going on.

Audrey and Nathan track down escapees from a psychiatric facility where a doctor went mad, but the patients became temporarily sane. The mystery spreads to Haven, as normal townsfolk go insane.

As they track down the broken loose patients, Audrey and Nathan find out that whatever got the impermanent volte face has commenced to shed across all of Harbor – creating normal townsfolk go perilously harebrained.