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Windows 7 Sales Boosts Microsoft's Income

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-24 01:02:02
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The interesting thing about the numbers is that demand is not yet falling off. People are adopting Windows 7 in droves, in many cases moving right from XP. While Microsoft probably isn't thrilled about people skipping Vista,

A year ago, Microsoft had revenues of $58.44 billion for the year, and fourth quarter numbers of $13.1 billion. In comparison, EPS for fiscal 2009 came in at $1.70, and $0.36 for the quarter.

For the full year, Microsoft said net income rose 29 percent to $18.8 billion, or $2.10 per share, from $14.6 billion, or $1.62 per share, a year earlier.

Revenue increased 7 percent to $62.5 billion, from $58.4 billion in the prior year.

Are you a Windows 7 user? If you made the jump from XP, let us know what you think about the latest and greatest.