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Apple iPhone 4 Is flop

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-23 06:59:24
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Apple recently launched Apple iPhone 4 and became the center of attraction by critic reviewers. Apple iPhone 4 was rated as an extremely bad handset. Taiwanese animation below shows what Apple had been doing in last few months.

Reasons for Apple iPhone 4 being flop:

  • Poor Antenna Reception – hold the phone in your palm, and you will lose the signals.
  • iPhone 4G? – No! Its not 4G, the name looks like its 4G but its not. It’s still 3G. The correct name is “iPhone 4″
  • No Video Calling – even banned Fring which allowed video calling over skype on iPhone.
  • Wifi Problem – you cannot make it a hotspot.
  • No Flash Player support in browser – you still have to see old style WAP looking websites.
  • AT&T Contract ONLY – you have to buy an expensive package deal to get iPhone and only AT&T. No one in America is happy with AT&T’s coverage.
  • Call dropping problem – call dropping problem is even more on iPhone 4 as compared to iPhone 3G. (Yes, 3G also has call dropping problem).

And not to forget, iPhone 4 was built in China where the Apple employee did suicide for working over 12hours a day shift.

Now Mr. Apple says that all new smartphone handset have signal problem. Instead of accepting the fault, Steve Jobs is saying that every set has a problem. I guess in past few months Apple has become evil in the industry.