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Science behind iPad

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-23 06:58:05
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P. Diddy

Apple yesterday at the launch of Apple iPad demonstrated a new slim and smart tablet PC named as ‘Apple iPad’ which has a multi touch screen, a 1GHz processor and many more. The best part of the product was it will be available in both ‘only WiFi’ and ‘WiFi + 3G’ models. Apple had always made things very expensive, but this time they changed their moto and iPad’s price is just starting from $499.

But the question remains still there, that why apple called iPad an iPad? I guess, they were so much impressed by their iPod name that they didnt want change it. lol or may be they want to trick the customer. A customer asks for an iPod and the store delivers in iPad. The trendy topic on twitter instead of being iPad was actually and amazingly ‘iTampon‘. Yes, everyone was calling it Apple iTampon. I mean why didn’t Steve thought of that coming? Everyone on Facebook and Twitter were suggesting so much better names for the apple tablet pc like - iTablet, iPC, iMini or whatever but still Apple strangely chose the name iPad.