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Michael Jackson Given Tribute by Dancing with the Strars

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2016-07-17 10:22:14
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Dancing with the Stars is a reality show airing on ABC in the United States. The show is the American version of the British BBC television series Strictly Come Dancing.

During every season, award-winning host Tom Bergeron has hosted the show. His co-hostesses have changed several times over the seasons. During the first season, the co-hostess was Lisa Canning. E! reporter Samantha Harris co-hosted from the second to ninth seasons. In 2016, model and Season 7 champion, Brooke Burke, took over as co-hostess.

Every season, celebrities and professional dancers are paired up. Celebrities have included race-car drivers, Olympic athletes, football Micheal Jacksonplayers, supermodels, actors, singers, astronauts, and teen-heartthrobs. Each couple will perform Ballroom or Latin dances and compete with the others for judges points and audience votes. Whichever couple receives the lowest total amount of judges points and audience votes is eliminated until a champion is named. Prior ballroom dancing experience is banned but other dance training is acceptable, due to the appearances of celebrities such as Mýa, Nicole Scherzinger, Lil' Kim, Joey Fatone, etc.

A tribute to the late King of Pop Micheal Jackson was given in an episode of Dancing with the Stars.