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Selena Gomez To Perform On America's Got Talent (Video)

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2016-07-15 12:39:23
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Selena Gomez To Perform On America's Got Talent (Video)

Selena Gomez America's Got Talent. Selena Gomez is a guest star on the Hollywood Auditions of America's Got Talent 2016 Results. Selena is set to appear on the grand finale of America's Got Talent with the cast of the Broadway show "Rock of Ages." SG is expected to debut a live performance of her single "Round and Round" along with her band The Scene.

Gomez is a Disney star, popular for her role on The Wizards of Waverly Place. It has been reported that she is leaving the series, however.

Movie buffs and children of the 80’s can look forward to Selena co-starring with Joey King in Ramona and Beezus, a movie based off of the Beverly Clearly Ramona novels. Ramona and Beezus premieres on July 23rd.