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2016-07-15 05:41:17
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Watch Predators Movie TheAlienWorld Online On Free Streaming. TheAlienWorld Predators Movie, directed by Nimrod Antal, has a terrific, attention-grabbing opening. Adrien Brody wakes in midair, a parachute strapped to his back. Landing with a thud, he jumps to his feet and tries to get his bearings in the dense jungle. Another week, another 1980s do-over. Predators doesn't waste much time on exposition, but we already know what lies in store - at least if we've seen the original Predator (1987), which found Arnold Schwarzenegger in darkest Guatemala battling a generally invisible alien foe.

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Produced by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City), this update qualifies as a sequel rather than a remake, albeit one that ignores the existence of the less successful Predator 2 (1990). Though Predator does not quite rank with the pop classics of its era, it was nonetheless a milestone for director John McTiernan, then a promising new talent working his way towards the triumph of Die Hard (1988).

Predators is likewise an effective action-horror-suspense hybrid from an above-average genre artisan. Since making his mark at the Cannes Film Festival with his first feature Kontroll (2004), the Hungarian-American Antal has forged a honourable career on the outskirts of Hollywood.

Credited to the newcomers Alex Litvak and Michael Finch, the script for Predators delivers a steady supply of marketable one-liners and in-jokes for fans. But Antal keeps the tone more sombre than flip, and concentrates on conveying an eerie sense of entrapment.

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