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2016-07-14 07:16:51
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On "Despicable Me" Carell plays GRU, the second largest in the world of evil, the big bad meanie who drives the car environment has an army offensive ilk, wants to steal the moon. GRU, but believed they had foiled plans for a trio of adorable orphan and the dark, the heart grow three sizes. Thus, critics have been seduced? A very large extent. Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly gave the film an A-saying that the Despicable Me, 'a 3D animated film proves that the child's voice that young cartoon stories refuge in the latest and greatest movies the bravest of the hard, hot summer.

'The Toronto Globe and Mail critic Rick Groen, found the film very entertaining, breaks,' This thing is pretty close to the Pixar animated. 'Groen, found the film a perfect balance between fun children's and enough to keep adults laughing subversive humor (for example, that the Bank of evil, where the GRU loan fund of the plot evil, the 'Former Lehman Brothers'). And Andrew O'Hehir said about Despicable Me, I argued, as the second best animated film of the summer, the gold medal will be tough competition, the Toy Story 3 In addition, Despicable Me can be top Book Office, for Universal Pictures (a instant player.), which had been left out of the game was dominated by Pixar and DreamWorks Animation.

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