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Dragon Age 2 Coming in 2011

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-14 01:39:03
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Today BioWare that the sequel to last year’s hit role playing game with tons of action Dragon Age is being planned for a March 2011 release. However this shows that BioWare is having a slight delay since in the first game Dragon Age : Origins- Awakening mildly hinted that the sequel Dragon Age 2 would arrive in North American February 2011.

The intense action role playing game Dragon Age 2 is set over a 10 year period. In the game the players will see Blight-survivor Hawke transform from “a destitute refugee to the revered champion of the land.”

The new game has new combat mechanics for all three of the games classes. The sequel also features an entirely new cinematic experience says BioWare. And as already stated and confirmed Dragon Age 2 will be coming out for all major systems , so of course this includes PC, PlayStation 3 and also Xbox 360.

Dragon Age Origins started back in November of 2009 and BioWare received critical acclaim and also released an expansion pack called Dragon Age – Awakening in March of this year. The company also offered a number of smaller paid for content expansions that were downloadable.

BioWare has been busy lately and not just with the addition of Dragon Age 2 but also their anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic which is a mulit player online game that is stated to be released later next year and the company is still in the process of wrapping up it’s sci-fi space opera trilogy with Mass Effect 3.