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iPod Docks Arrive at Japanese Burger King

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2016-07-11 21:26:15
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 iPod Docks Arrive at Japanese Burger King 

It's a cool idea - and one that, before long, could become a widespread phenomenon at fast food establishments around the world. But don't hold your breath. While the concept of an iPod dock in your booth at a dine-in restaurant is intriguing and possibly a sound reason to actually patronize fast food a little more regularly, for now, Asia is the only place to find these particular eye-catching "musical showers."

Here's how it works. A dome-shaped, half-cone hangs directly above your head at a table or booth at a fast food restaurant. Accompanied by an iPod dock at your table, patrons can get a beat to go with their burger as they jam out beneath the cone that, supposedly, enables one to listen to their music while eating and not disturbing anyone else - you know, people in adjacent booths under their own musical shower.

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