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Mysterious minuscule Apple-branded display emerges

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-11 21:22:10
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Mysterious minuscule Apple-branded display emerges

Images are currently shooting through the tubes of the Internet showing a mysterious 3cm (1.18") square LCD display that clearly show a cable marked "Apple copyright 2009" with the apparent part number 821-1038-01. The images come from an article on, a Chinese-language site that, according to Mac Rumors, has released images of one other Apple part before a device using the part was ultimately revealed.

Speculation has arisen as to what the display could be used for, and the translation of the originating website shows guesses including an iPod Touch nano, an iPod Touch shuffle, or even an "iWatch."  The screen's small size and square aspect ratio, as many have pointed out, more or less rules it out for use in the currently 16:9 formatted iPod nano line. Likewise, the 3x3cm screen would be a downgrade in screen real estate for the current iPod Classic line, which sports a 2.5” diagonal screen. The device is also much too small to use as a bluetooth multitouch surface, something that has been bandied about in the past.

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