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Taste Of Buffalo 2016 Schedule

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2016-07-10 11:57:18
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Taste Of Buffalo 2016 Schedule

Taste of Buffalo 2016 Live Event Schedules-Taste of Buffalo 2016 starts today!For those of you who are searching for the complete schedule of the largest two-day food festival on the USA Taste of Buffalo 2016, everyone should know that the Taste of Buffalo 2016 will run from 11 am up to 9 pm of Saturday, July 10, 2016 until 11am up to 7 pm of Sunday July 11, 2016.

And now, here’s the actual live schedule for Taste of Buffalo 2016:

Saturday, July 10

11:00 AM – Taste of Buffalo begins
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM – Food judging takes place featuring local media representatives and political leaders
4:30-5:00 PM – Food awards presented to restaurants
9:00 PM – Taste of Buffalo finishes for the day

Sunday, July 11

11:00 AM – Taste of Buffalo begins
7:00 PM – Taste of Buffalo ends