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New Xbox 360: Electrifying New Features

Submited By Anam Khan
2016-07-09 14:26:57
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New Xbox 360: Electrifying New Features

 The new Xbox 360, with extraordinary features  will come out with an attractive price. The new console Microsoft XBOX 360 Slim includes 250GB and the price starts at €249.90.

AMD and IBM quite amazed with the new console as AMD can finally say to its investors that it has started shipping its 45nm version of Xbox 360 GPU and the guys with the cash should really appreciate it. The shop,, is offering Microsoft NEW Xbox360 SLIM ELITE 250 GB + Crackdown (UNCUT) game.
Features include.
1.    250 Gigabye Internal Storage
2.    Form factor
1.    ‘Whisper-Quiet’ Technology
2.    WiFi Connectivity
3.    Kinect-Ready
4.    Backward Compatible