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BP Oil Spill Live Updates: Deep Sea Whale Skimmer to Assist

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2016-07-07 13:05:58
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BP Oil Spill Live Updates: Deep Sea Whale Skimmer to Assist

The latest BP Oil spill update now places the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as the worst oil spill in history on record. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may be hundreds of miles away from Richmond, but some local station owners felt a slight impact from the beginning. The ongoing effort to stop this environmental disaster is still distant. But based on current estimation the oil containment already reached 435,600 barrels of oil and oil flaring already removed some 52.9 million cubic of this slick. Now on the latest news, an oil skimmer ship call the “A Whale” has been deployed from a Taiwanese Company to help in the removal of oil slick that are now floating in the sea surface.

It was reported that this A Whale ship was originally designed to become one of the world’s largest cargo vessels ship to transport crude oil and iron ore. But to the sensationalize BPoil spill problem, the owner of the A Whale (TMT) has changed the ship to become what is now known as the world’s first large scale oil skimmer.
The oil removal is still far from over and BP is continuously flaming other parts of the sea floor to expedite the removal of oils spill.

Currently, about hundreds of species of wild animals are at risk due to this incident and damage to the ecological system of the Gulf of Mexico is lasting. The fisheries which is the main source of income for most of the resident of Louisiana were gravely affected by this event.

The British Petroleum company is doing all its best with the help from the US government to contain the situation and start with the rehabilitation effort.