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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Collects Huge Response

Submited By Faris Hussain
2016-07-06 11:49:31
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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Collects Huge Response


The super Mario is really an amazing arcade game. The new Super Mario Bros. Wii is going to be a big and successful hit.

VGChartz new Super Mario Bro. Wii comes on surface with 15 million in just 32 weeks. Its really an impressive numbers on sale. It’s going to be a huge success and broke many records on sale like, Wii Sports Resort.

The names also include Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 that has high numbers on sales but they are available on PS3 so not added in the equation.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii now becomes the sixth bestselling among all Mario releases, and 12th of the specified generation. Wii Sports is also in the equation approximately 63.72 million units have been sold out.