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Lunar Eclipse 2016: Lunar Eclipse Hits Several Country Of The World

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2016-06-26 15:49:50
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Lunar Eclipse 2016: Lunar Eclipse Hits Several Country Of The World

Lunar eclipse 2016: The partial Lunar Eclipse will be visible from northeastern parts of the country. The eclipse which starts today at 2:27 pm will remain continues till 7:50 pm. The eclipse will last for 2 hour and 43 minutes. Besides India, the partial Lunar Eclipse will also be seen in following countries of South America, northeastern parts of the US, parts of Arctic Ocean and central parts of Canada. According to the reports by ministry of earth sciences, the lunar will be clear in India during its last hours, means the eclipse will be on its ending way when the Indians able to see it.

A Lunar Eclipse happens when earth comes in between the sun and the moon. Moon cannot reflect sun’s light during an eclipse because earth covers it through its shadow. When earth completely covers moon through its shadow then we refer it as a complete lunar eclipse but when it partially covers moon surface then it is named as partial eclipse. Reportedly today, earth will cover nearly 54% surface of moon with its shadow.

Lunar eclipse in India will be seen in North Easter states only. The Lunar eclipse time in India is between 3:46PM and 6:29PM on 26th

You can watch eclipse easily without any protection on your eyes because it does not harm your eyes. Unlike solar eclipse, lunar eclipse leaves no harm effects on your eyes. N.S. Raghunandan Kumar, general secretary of the Planetary Society says that people can easily view the eclipse facing eastward after sunset.